Methio - by

Methio - by

Protected DL-Methionine: 90% ruminal by-pass; 95% intestinal digestibility

The coating technology developed by SILO protects DL-Methionine in methio–by through a lipid matrix having high melting point temperature (higher than 100°C) and a special pH sensitive chemical structure.

methio–by is composed of free-flowing micro-granules and is easily mixable with the other ingredients of the feed. Due to its particular chemical structure, is resistant to mixing, grinding and pelletizing.

methio–by combines high rumen bypass value with high bio-availability of methionine in the gut.

At rumen pH the lipid matrix of methio–by remains intact, while it breaks when the pH is lower than 5: so the methionine is made available already in the abomasum.

methio–by has been developed and tested in scientific collaboration with the “University of Piacenza” (“Nylon bags” method) and with the “University of Parma” (method developed by Cornell University).

Main benefits

·   High by-pass value

·   High intestinal bio-availability

·   Improve liver functionality

·   Improve milk production


·   Rumen bypass: 90%

·   Intestinal availability: 95%

·   Available in dry form (microsphere)

·   Available in 25 kg bag, 750 kg big bag or bulk

·   Neutral taste and odour

Produced in GMP+ certified facilities

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