Avi-Mul TOP GP10

Avi-Mul TOP GP10

AVI-MUL TOP GP10 is a vegetal bi-distillated oleic acid emulsified with E484 that belongs to the family of gliceryl-polyethylenglycol-ricinoleate, registered as technological Additive in “European Community Register of feed additives” pursuant to Regulation (EU) n°1831/2003 (Annex list of Additives).


How Avi-Mul TOP Works ?

·   AVI-MUL TOP GP10 enhances mixing properties of hydrophilic or lipophilic substances.

·   AVI-MUL TOP GP10 modifies superficial tension of fats and oils.

·   AVI-MUL TOP GP10 enhances fat penetration into the pellet and this prevents pellet adhesion during silo storage in the farm.

·   AVI-MUL TOP GP10 supplemented to fats has been proven to be very useful even if the largest proportion of fat is added after feed pelleting.


Technological Benefits That Avi-Mul TOP GP10 Brings;

·   Improves and optimizes consistently feed production (tons/hour) and quality

·   Reduces energy consumption and production costs

·   Offers uniform performance and stable production

·   Enhances durability of pellets (>PDI)

·   Reduces dustiness

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